Bad santa

I love Santa Claus.  I love Santa almost as much as Mickey Mouse.  That said…both have broken my heart in the past.  Let me start out by saying that Santa and I have this informal gentleman’s agreement.  I visit him,  I give him my list of nefarious requests, and  we take a picture together. It’s […]

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Major Kobo (Coming Home)

You may ask yourself, did Kobo die? Did he get bought out by a more successful blog? Did he leave the gas on? The answer dear reader is “No.” “No.” “Maybe.” The tricky thing about being a light year away from home is…IT TAKES A FRIGGING YEAR TO GET HOME. Luckily I took a detour […]

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Escape from Terracor 9

Qeekkir was the head of his department. He really enjoyed his job. Visiting various planets and administrating tagging to the herds was tough work but it was very rewarding. One of the best parts of his job is to see the generations of the herd over time, establishing blood lines, and the long file trail […]

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I Don’t Want To Believe

Today I’m going to tell you the story of my Grandfather, Wilbert. For all intents and purposes, he took off one day with his chair and one of the end tables for reasons Grandmother Pearl never could fathom. BUT THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE. Upon my last foray into eggnogging, I was brought upon an […]

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Seat Stealer

It’s not always fun and games at the Barracuda house. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and find the road to compromise. Take for instance the sneaky ways of one Kit Harrington the fox. We are pretty organized folks. We like to keep the magazines tidy, we like to keep our electric devices at […]

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Training The New Assistant

Happy New Year! While we re-organize our studios (Read: Hangover), we’d like to humbly submit this long lost blog post from last year. TRAINING THE NEW ASSISTANT Date: 12/31/17 Anne arrived at the studio and met the staff. After introductions, she was lead to a room where she could put on her outfit for today’s […]

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The Morning After Christmas

“Look at all this leftover nog”. Kobo said as he looked about the fridge. “I better get to drinking, it will most certainly go bad after Midnight…” Kobo woke up on the alien vessel, hungover and dressed strangely like he was in a sequel to Zardoz but couldn’t afford the rights. He heard the pitter […]

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Twas the Sixth Day of Giving

Twas the Sixth day of giving and that was real swell as Muggleborn made naughty elves with intentions to rebel Voldemort rose from the depths when he heard such a clatter and pulled on his robes to see what was the matter When much to his surprise and horror and fright Santa had left a […]

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Yearbook Memories

Some of you may have asked “Kobo, when exactly did you meet Dahlly?” Well the first time was during my Junior year at school. She was an exchange student from some place called Anaheim. We later went to the Prom, but that’s a different story and we are getting off track… (Especially since I left Dahlly […]

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Change of Format

I’ve just been told of a disturbing new twist to the Pistol Pete’s Adult World saga. It turns out that the giant cross the New New Salem Baptist Church put up to cast the shadow of the lord on the sinners at PP actually had an unintended effect. Just like we did back at the […]

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