Change of Format

Adultworld2 copy

I’ve just been told of a disturbing new twist to the Pistol Pete’s Adult World saga. It turns out that the giant cross the New New Salem Baptist Church put up to cast the shadow of the lord on the sinners at PP actually had an unintended effect. Just like we did back at the Big Smoky Diamond Jamboree with Scout troop 93, the cross acted like a huge magnifying glass and burned through the roof like it was tinder.

(Our assistant, Nebraska Cox, reenacts what probably happened.)

So it’s with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our Church Recipe portion of the blog while lawsuits are being filed. This blog will not take sides on the issue as Aunt Beulah has already taken me off her Christmas card list.


Lastly, We’d like to say a special hello to a sponsor we had in the wings that we’ll not be able to get to now that the church recipes are gone. We hope you’ll give them a visit next Sunday for worship and praise.



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