Yearbook Memories

Some of you may have asked “Kobo, when exactly did you meet Dahlly?” Well the first time was during my Junior year at school. She was an exchange student from some place called Anaheim. We later went to the Prom, but that’s a different story and we are getting off track… (Especially since I left Dahlly tied to some railroad tracks at Prom…1989 was a confusing time in my life.)

Salacity Yearbook

The Posevent is coming December 20th – January 10th and it promises to be a photo bug’s dream. My pals at Salacity sent me a sneak peak of their offerings and I think you’ll like it as much as I did!

The Gang:
Salacity-Seamless Photo Background -Retro Yearbook
Kobo: .love – subtle pose (Free gift!)
Melvin: .love – cutesy pose 2
The Posevent

Today’s post featured the following:



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