Twas the Sixth Day of Giving

Voldemort's Bad Morning

Twas the Sixth day of giving
and that was real swell
as Muggleborn made naughty elves
with intentions to rebel

Voldemort rose from the depths
when he heard such a clatter
and pulled on his robes
to see what was the matter

When much to his surprise
and horror and fright
Santa had left a present
by the green cauldron’s light

So with a quick flick of his nails, the wrapping it flew
The present burst open & out jumped Santa’s elf crew
For all his evil and bad deeds and spite
he was repaid with Elfie shoes in places not right!

The moral of this story I’m sorry to say
is don’t be naughty, or the price you’ll pay
As a dark wizard found out that Cold Christmas Morning
Against his will, candy cane nipple piercings he is adorning!

You can now collect all 6 fun presents! Get them…before they get you!


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