The Morning After Christmas

escape 2.png

“Look at all this leftover nog”. Kobo said as he looked about the fridge. “I better get to drinking, it will most certainly go bad after Midnight…”

Kobo woke up on the alien vessel, hungover and dressed strangely like he was in a sequel to Zardoz but couldn’t afford the rights. He heard the pitter patter of tiny extra terrestrial feet…he had been here before, and he knew what came next if he didn’t escape. The Anal Probe…then Netflix binging Fuller House.
When you are nursing a hangover, or escaping anal probes, nothing distracts those little gray bastards like the form fitting goodness of MuggleBorn’s new body suit. Available in several palates or go hog wild with the fat-pack with more color options than you can shake a blaster at!

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+MuggleBorn+ SL Marketplace

Xmas bodysuit Advert


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