Training The New Assistant

Happy New Year!

While we re-organize our studios (Read: Hangover), we’d like to humbly submit this long lost blog post from last year.


Date: 12/31/17

Anne arrived at the studio and met the staff. After introductions, she was lead to a room where she could put on her outfit for today’s shoot. She was pleasantly surprised at how well the dress fit her body. Sliding the boa around her shoulders and carefully wrapping it around her arms she made her way to the set.

The lights were too bright for her to see past to the photographer. He would simply give instruction on how he wished her to pose. He was very demanding, correcting her at every turn until he finally shouted in exasperation “Have you ever modeled before!?!?!?”

In truth…she had not. This seemed like an easy assignment from the temp agency. Although she had been warned that she would make the sixth employee they had sent over, she was determined to do whatever was necessary to make this work.

“Have you ever modeled before!?!?!?” her expression gave her away. She looked down sadly and suddenly the photographer was moving towards her with bare feet. “YOU MUST BE FIERCE” he exclaimed and struck a pose for her. Instant shock as he came into focus from the limelight


Anne tried to regain her composure as the tall man spun around in the matching dress. “I will teach you all that I know…” he said then to his new Assistant. “When I am done, you will be ready for anything!” He proceeded to show her additional poses ‘Rock Bottom Prices’, ‘Poison Oak’, ‘Look out for that bus!’, ‘Feature Presentation’ and ‘Resting Bitch Face’.

Resting Bitch Face

“That’s only six looks” Anne said with slight concern. “I said I would teach you all I know. Do you want to get paid or not?” She nodded enthusiastically and then a slight brow raised as she spoke up meekly “I do…have one question though…Why did you have put on a dress to show me the poses?”

“Because I woke up this way.” Kobo replied, then proceeded to throw up on her shoes.

The Goods:
The PosEvent is still going on until January 10th. Be sure to pick up Salacity’s awesome Seamless Photo Backgrounds! Today we used “Seasonal” which is exclusive to the Fatpack!
The Posevent

Anne & Kobo are wearing:
+MuggleBorn+ Chrissy Set (Christmas Edition)
+MuggleBorn+ Mainstore
+MuggleBorn+ SL Marketplace

BONUS: By popular demand!


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