Seat Stealer

It’s not always fun and games at the Barracuda house. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and find the road to compromise. Take for instance the sneaky ways of one Kit Harrington the fox.


We are pretty organized folks. We like to keep the magazines tidy, we like to keep our electric devices at hand, and we always use coasters. Lucky for us our pals at Salacity like the same things because we found these nifty end tables and coffee table at this month’s ‘The Darkness’ event. It opens today and runs all month so you can shop for your little black heart’s delight!
Kit has a way of begging to get up on the sofa, and we have to remind him he knows nothing because he’s not allowed up here. Being the foxy fox he is though, he takes every opportunity to get in some warm snoozes when our butts are off the cushions. Luckily he doesn’t knock off my autographed picture of George Hamilton I have framed on the end table!

Dahlly and I love the snuggles, and let me tell you about the options on the coffee table. You can get the G version, PG version, Adult, and Kink!

So in the end Kit knows how to wait us out, and he’s too stinking cute to move. We’ll let him catch some ZZZs while we are at the Darkness event!

Salacity – Leather Living Room Coffee Table (Adult)
Salacity – Leather Living Room End Table (V 1)
Salacity – Leather Living Room End Table (V 1)

All found this month at:
Salacity at ‘The Darkness’ Event

Salacity Main Store
Salacity on Marketplace

Also Pictured:
27.DRD MM2 couch 3sit
Mr. Kit Harrington provided by:
JIAN :: Arctic Fox Collection


Do the Foxy Foxy, Kit!


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