Escape from Terracor 9

Qeekkir was the head of his department. He really enjoyed his job. Visiting various planets and administrating tagging to the herds was tough work but it was very rewarding.

One of the best parts of his job is to see the generations of the herd over time, establishing blood lines, and the long file trail of decades of abductions.

Tonight was just such a night. Group 48-D was bi-generational. It had been over 50 years since Wilbur Barracuda had been tagged and ultimately retained in a rare clerical error that saw Wilbur return to Qeekkir’s planet where he became a Miertrac wrangler. Now his grandson had been brought aboard and they had to wait until the human sobered to administer the tracker probe.
Miss Universe 1
The Supervisor sat back in Wilbur’s chair which had served Qeekkir for many years now. He turned on the entertainment module and was happy to see it was the 1439th Miss Universe pageant! The grey alien hoped he had not missed the swimsuit competition.

First up was Miss A6 454 modeling a delicious red bikini
Miss Universe 5

Qeekkir was excited to see his favorite, Miss Zeta Reticuli!
Miss Universe 3

Qeekkir licked his lips as the grey walked the metal starport. As she moved her long spidery digits along the material and accidentally flashed the audience!

Miss Universe 4

The teleprogram cut to a commercial for Pistol Pete’s Interstellar Adult World when all of a sudden Qeekkir heard the alarms and sat up in his chair.

Miss Universe 2

About that time, a drunken Kobo came blasting the doors in and shot everyone in the room including poor Qeekkir.

Miss Universe 7
“Is that Grandmother Pearl’s Chair?” – Kobo

Who will win the real Miss Universe? How will Kobo overcome his hangover and get back to Earth? Where can you get the awesome bikinis of the Miss Universe pagent? We have the answer to at least one of these!

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