Monkey Business

So it’s come to my attention that certain people think a monkey could do this job. I’ve put that to the test today. While I couldn’t find a monkey, I did find an orangutan named Melvin. I’d like to say a final thank you to Pistol Pete. Our first sponsor had an unfortunate warehouse fire […]

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Booby Tassels & Boas

I’m not usually one for wearing cute holiday dresses or more provocatively, booby tassels, but sometimes you just feel the spirit of the holidays. (You don’t have to wear them together). That’s why I invite you to go see my pals at MuggleBorn for their holiday extravaganza. Each day you get a new gift for […]

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Tough Crowd

While it would seem that I should have a full schedule with all my mad blogging and Key-Tar world tour dates…everyone knows that the holiday season is the slow season and that no one gets any bookings because nobody is having any kind of parties…at least that’s what Morty is telling me…so I tried my […]

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Moves like Santa

    You may be asking yourself. “That Kobo, why is he so fly on the dance floor”? Well let me tell you…it takes years of practice, but I have a shortcut today only! Abranimations has released XMAS DANCE SET 2 as part of their monthly advent calendar. You can Dab! You can do the […]

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Now taking bookings

Now you may think I spend all my time blogging, but that simply isn’t true. In my spare time I perfect the ancient study of Kee-Tar (which is Chinese for Keytar). While I don’t sing, I do play a wide variety of tunes. Mainly those written specifically for keytar. So contact my Manager Morty Schwartz, […]

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